Target USA

Target USA – Episode 142 | Assassins Incorporated: The Kremlin’s secret squad of killers — Part three

On this program Marina Litvinenko, widow of Alexander Litvinenko, tells the difficult story of the moment she learned he was poisoned, his brave battle before he died and her ongoing fight for justice. On this episode, she warns U.S. law enforcement officials about Russia’s assassins. Previously on episode 141, we told you the story of Paul Joyal, who was shot in his driveway in Adelphi, Maryland on March 1, 2007. Police originally said it was a robbery. But nothing — not even money, a car or a computer — was stolen. The case was never solved. Joyal and many experts believe it was a contract hit, carried out because Joyal accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of killing his friend Alexander Litvinenko.

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