Israel-Hamas conflict: Has Israel’s war in Gaza expanded beyond Hamas?

Palestinians look for survivors following Israeli airstrike in Nusseirat refugee camp, Gaza Strip, Tuesday, Oct. 31, 2023. (AP Photo/Doaa AlBaz)

WTOP’s J.J. Green speaks with Fadi Mansour, Washington correspondent for Al Jazeera Arabic

Israel’s attack on the Jabaliya Refugee Camp in Northern Gaza killed and injured hundreds of Palestinians.

Fadi Mansour, Washington correspondent for Al Jazeera Arabic, spoke with WTOP national security correspondent JJ Green on the day before the attack, saying that the number of civilian casualties and journalists that have died suggest the war is no longer just about dismantling Hamas.

Mansour spoke specifically about the killing of the family of Wael Dadouh, Al Jazeera’s bureau chief in Gaza.